The Feature Documentary
The primary goal of this website, Facebook page, and funding campaign is to produce a 2 hour documentary which will qualify for consideration with the Academy Awards in the feature Documentary category, as well as be eligible for submissions to numerous North American Film Festivals. The true story of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, and the larger story of the current excellent research work being done by many groups and individuals, to try and answer the perplexing question of what is truly the biological entity commonly known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, can only be appreciated by the general public and mainstream media if an excellent feature documentary is produced and set up for the award and festival events.
There is something out there, something which deserves research support far beyond the current level, and deserves far more public and media respect than it currently receives, and this proposed documentary can potentially be the step which takes the topic out of a small niche group of interested people and opens the door to mainstream public and media recognition. With that mainstream recognition, it is my hope and expectation that the truly scientific and responsible efforts will be properly publicized and supported, whereas now, about the only things that tend to make an impact on the public and mainstream media are the more elaborate promoted hoaxes and foolish fringe element that exploits the topic for publicity and amusement.
So if you have an interest in this subject, the real entity which is currently so elusive, please support the funding of this documentary. It’s success will benefit everyone who does responsible research or simply follows the subject with sincere fascination.
The Documentary’s current working title is “When Roger Met Patty”, and it will be produced by me,  Bill Munns. The title has been chosen to deliberately set it apart from any prior documentary program, and in doing so, will encourage the media and public to set aside any perceptions they may have from prior documentaries, and take a fresh look at the topic.
                                                       The Award and Festival Goals
As stated above, the documentary is intended to be set up for eligibility for the Academy Awards and various film festivals. A considerable portion of the projected production budget will be taken up by the requirements for eligibility.
For Academy Award eligibility in the documentary features category, the requirements (summarized) are that the film be shown in a theater in both Los Angeles and New York, for one week with 2 showings a day, open to the public and with paid admission. Advertising for the theatrical showings is specified quite clearly in the Academy Guidelines, and there must be at least one film critic review published in either the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times.
The film must be formatted either on 35mm film or Digital Cinema Format, so the HD Video source edit made will be converted to one of these options (likely the Digital Cinema format, as that is less expensive). Upon submission to the Academy for consideration, 250 DVD copies of the program must be included in the submission, so Academy members in the Documentary Branch can view the program. Those are the highlights, but additional specific requirements are listed on the Academy’s website, for anyone who may be interested.
For film festival eligibility, each Festival has it’s specific entry requirements, and those will be researched well in advance of the eligibility period for submissions so that we are prepared to successfully submit this program for consideration. The current target festivals are:
1. Toronto Hot Docs Festival (leading North American Documentary Film festival)
2. Tribecca Film festival
3. Sundance Film festival
4. Telluride film festival
5. Toronto Film festival (different from #1 above)
6. Columbus International festival
7. Vail Film Festival
8. San Francisco International festival
9. Seattle Film festival.
                                                        Subsequent DVD Releases
Both Academy and festival entry requirements stipulate that the program can’t be released in other forms before it is submitted for consideration, so the DVD release will necessarily follow these submissions. But once the submissions are made, the 2 hour program, as well as an extended version and a bundle of program and special research features, will be offered for sale to the public.
                                                                                                            Program Outline
                                                 Concept Outline
* Intro - Patty and the Sasquatch mystery, her unique presence.
* Hoax, to prove one, you must explain it.
* The Best Evidence - How good is it?
* When Roger met Patty - what happened as told by the film itself (CGI Visualization of the event)
* Is Patty a fake, a person in a costume? The Munns Analysis work.
* The PGF Trackway analysis.
* Bob Gimlin and Patty
* The Big Picture, other evidence and research
        * Thermal studies
        * TrailCam studies
        * Audio and encounter studies
        * Long Term Location Studies
        * DNA studies and issues
* The Anatomy and Evolution of Patty - What could she be?
* The Lingering Mystery - Why are they so elusive?
                                                                 The Host/Narrator
Film media are consistently shown to attract more attention and interest when the potential audience or media sees a name they recognize. And a name which has some connection or relevance to the program subject has enhanced appeal.  It would be inappropriate for me to name the person I will be approaching to be the on camera host and narrator, but the person is recognized in Hollywood and the mainstream media.
Photo Gallery of Project Work, as examples of footage already in the project inventory.  We have an estimated 15 hours of footage thus far, on all aspects of the project experiments and developments, and are continually adding more, to insure the documentary has an excellent catalogue of material for the final program edit.
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