Bill Munns
Suffice to say, I am the driving force behind this project, and I felt that because of my obvious position, writing about myself in the third person would be rather pretentious. My work in the analysis of the PGF is well documented and widely discussed in the Bigfoot Forums online (www.bigfootforums.com) and both my specific work on the PGF and my general career as a special effects makeup artist and all-around ”creature maker” are described in detail on the following websites:
I will be producing this documentary, as well as producing all the DVD special features related to my research work.
                                                                                                      Program Interview Subjects
Numerous researchers and knowledgeable specialists are being approached as prospects for on-camera interviews in this program, and hopefully for their entire interviews to be included in a special features section so those of you interested can see the interviews in their entirety and appreciate the full context from which the program interview segments and remarks were taken.
Those who have consented thus far include Prof. Jeff Meldrum, Bart Cutino, and the Olympic Project Team. Additional  people will be announced as their commitments are verified.
                                                                                              The Legal and Accounting Teams
Accounting services are tentatively agreed with Triple Edge Financial Services, and once the formal service agreement is finalized, they will be preparing monthly accounting statements that will be available for viewing by all funding contributors so you may be assured all funds are being managed and disbursed properly and professionally.
The legal counsel that will be retained is expected to be:
The transactional attorneys at
Costa, Abrams & Coate LLP
Santa Monica, CA.
Attorney Natalie Hottle is the one I have retained previously and she’s qualified for the types of transactions the company will be undertaking. She’s listed on the staff page.
They would handle the negotiations and contract for the “Name host”, and any distribution or licensing deals, which is this law firm’s area of expertise.
                                                            Corporate Sponsorships
Second Phase funding options include corporate sponsorship, and some companies have already been identified as good prospects. Once the transactional attorneys are on retainer, and we have an initial strategy meeting, I expect we will immediately commence the inquiries to the designated companies for consideration of sponsorship. Progress will be noted as it develops.
                                                    Research Experiments Cast and Crew
A lot of fine people helped me in doing the research work last summer and fall, and I would like to recognize them all and thank them for their contributions of time and effort:
Prof. Jeff Meldrum (ISU) and the Cestone Foundation - For Funding and Research Collaboration
Research Participants - The Team who made the research experiments possible
Research Models
Carol Hannan,  Gail Cook,  Ellis Hooper,  Louise McCartney,  Traci Truehill,  Virginia Ma
Nadja Hoyer-Booth (alternate model and Videographer)
Patrick Caberty, Joe Foley, Bryan Betts
Makeup Crew
Thirati K,  Kelsey Boutte,  Kate Howard,  Emily Fiora Parks,  Cody McEwan,  Benjamin Peters
T. J. Loza,  Tyler Meehleis
Special Thanks to: Lee Joyner, Director, Cinema Makeup School, Los Angeles
General Crew
Shahrooz Raffi,  Iris Jauregui,  Mathew Rubene,  Chelsey Jensen,  Matt Thomas
Special Services
Pat Loudermilk, RN