The Real Evidence
My position is and always has been that the film image data itself is the best evidence, and I’ve heard stories that the late Rene Dahinden expressed similar sentiments (I believe the usual quote is “Just look at the damn film”). The documentary will give considerable attention to explaining exactly why that position, that the film image data is the best evidence, is true. And I am hoping to line up some independent experts in film technology and image analysis to validate that position.
                                                                                                            The Backstory Gossip
Many people in the skeptical community take the position that the “backstory” the investigation into the life of Roger Patterson, and the considerations of what apparently occurred before and after the filming, are the best evidence and solidly point to the film being a hoax. I consider the backstory material to be mostly just gossip, not evidence, and one special feature of the documentary will take a candid and rational look at why that backstory material is evidentiary crap, and useless for arriving at any conclusions about the authenticity of the PGF or it’s subject figure, “Patty”.
It’s time to put the evidence in proper perspective, and and no documentary program has ever done that before.  There is excellent evidence, good evidence, marginal evidence, poor evidence, and worthless evidence, and a truly responsible investigation must sort it all out and call it like it is. The skeptical fanatics have an obsession with the poor and worthless evidence, and I do not intend to be shy or guarded in exposing why their arguments and claims are so worthless in a real scientific investigation and factual debate seeking a truthful determination.
                                                       Film Industry Resistance to consider the real merits of the PGF
One of the things I have encountered repeatedly is a remarkable reluctance by film industry individuals and organizations alike to even discuss the PGF topic. As I get further along in the project production, I’ll continue to make efforts to engage film industry and makeup effects people in meaningful discussions about the PGF, and I will be documenting the inquiries and responses (or lack of response). No one will ever be able to rightfully say that opposing viewpoints were not sought or considered.